Net Tools 5.0.70

Mohammad Ahmadi Bidakhvidi (Freeware)

Net Tools is a security and network management software suite, which includes several network tools designed to answer to every network management and monitoring need. Net Tools was developed by Mohammad Ahmadi Bidakhvidi and released in August 2007. Net Tools software suite combines network administration tools with file and system administration tools to give users better control over their network connections as system administrators. It is an all-in-one toolbox with over a hundred system management tools.

Net Tools user interface features a straightforward configuration window and a toolbar at the top that shows Start, Options, and Help. Clicking Start lists the numerous utilities and network tools available to the users. When a tool is clicked, the tool window appears inside the configuration window. There can be several tool windows open in the configuration window at any given time.

Here are some of Net Tools network tools:
• IP Address Scanner
• IP Converter
• Connection Manager / Monitor
• Port Scanner
• Whois x MX Lookup
• Connection Analysator and Protector
• Active and Passive Port Scanner
• Process Checker
• Trojan Hunter
• Web page Scanner
• HTTP scanner
• Encrypter
• Advanced Encryption
• Password Unmasker
• Credit Card validate and generate
• Force Reboot
• Bandwidth Monitor
• Remote Desktop Protocol Scanner
• CPU Monitor
• Windows Startup Manager