Ahead Software AG (Proprietary)

Nero Vision is a program developed by Nero AG and was released in 2010. This program enables users to edit their video files and prepare them for burning in an optical disc such as a CD, AVCHD, DVD, or Blu-ray. Nero Vision can be used in creating multimedia presentations and supports multichannel video editing as well as image editing. Nero Vision has features that allow users to transfer video files from external equipment such as digital cameras, camcorders, webcams, and mobile phones. This program also supports various file types such as FLV, WMA, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVC, and Nero Digital Video. In addition, Nero Vision allows users to burn disc images into the hard drive and uploads videos to iTunes or exports it as a part of a PowerPoint presentation.

Nero Vision’s main panel has three parts. First is the video preview section, which allows users to preview their edited videos or multimedia presentations. This section has a video scroll tool, which enables users to skip to a particular portion of the video or multimedia presentation. The next part is the video outline section, which can display the user’s video tracks into two modes. The timeline view provides the video length in minutes and has tools that can be used in splitting or joining multiple videos. The storyboard view allows users to view the video according to frames. This view can also be used in creating multimedia presentations from multiple photos. The final section is the editing tools panel, which provides users with various masks and effects that can be applied to their video files. These effects include adjustments in brightness, sharpening and blur, pan and zoom, shadow and edges, chroma key, saturation, and contrast. In addition, this section provides a list of various multimedia materials that can be attached to the video such as pictures, audio, clip art, music, text, and transition.