Nero WaveEditor

Nero AG (Bundled)

The Nero WaveEditor is an application used to record and edit music files then later burn them using the Nero Express or the Nero Burning ROM applications. This program is included in the Nero Multimedia Suite versions 7.0 and higher.

The WaveEditor program offers two main functions – Recording and Editing of audio files. As a recording tool, this application can record music files from all types of recognized recording devices. All recordings are monitored in the program’s Recording Console Window. This window provides different recording options like specifying the audio input, enabling digital monitoring and overwriting an existing file.

The Nero WaveEditor application can also be used to edit audio files. The program provides different filters to modify the sound of the music file. This can be done through the program’s Tools (e.g. Deeser Tool, Dynamic Processor Tool, Equalizer Tool, etc), Enhancement (DeClicker Enhancement, Noise Analysis, Filter Toolbox Enhancement, etc) and Effects (Chorus, Delay Effect, Convolution Reverb Effect, etc) menus. Aside from editing the sound of the audio files, this program can also be used to edit the file structure and change the audio’s default volume level.

The application also features the Nero MediaBrowser tool. This tool is used to find, view and access a media library and insert different media files from the media library to the Nero WaveEditor project. The program also features editing history that can be used to undo the changes made in an audio project. This is made possible through the program’s internal reference-based audio format. The WaveEditor software can also perform the Crossfade method. This method is used to combine different audio files without disrupting the sounds of the files.