Nero Vision

Nero AG (Bundled)

The Nero Vision program is used to capture, edit and burn video films. It works by choosing a particular task from the main window’s Start screen then completing each task until it reaches the final stage. Available options for each task are displayed in each individual task’s window creating a user-friendly interface.

The Nero Vision application can play video files directly from an external video source to a computer. The program can also capture videos straight from a video capture card, provided that the computer has an installed copy of DirectShow. Capturing is a method of taking a video from a video capture device that is connected to the computer’s video capture card and putting it on the computer. Video capture devices can be Analog, Digital or DV/HDV cameras. The Nero Vision program also has an Importing from the Web feature that allows the downloading of a video or image file from the Internet and putting it to a Nero Vision project as a component or title.

The Nero Vision program can be used to edit and compile media files then turn it into a video project. The program has tools to add effects, shorten videos and insert background texts and/or pictures. It can also insert music in the background and add comments to the Nero Vision project. The program can create chapters for the videos using its Automatic Scene Detection feature. Video projects can be previewed using a virtual remote.

The program provides an option to burn video files such as Video CD (VCD), DVD-Video, Super Video CD (SVCD), BD-AV, DVD-VFR (video mode) or AVCHD. Videos can also be exported to file, camera or web. It can also be sent directly via e-mail.