Nero Video

Nero AG (Shareware)

Nero Video is a video management and editing software. Users, even beginners, can use the program as it has Express Video Editing features that make editing easy. With the Express Storyboard Editing tool, users can trim, arrange, crop, and apply effects to videos. There are also several options for title styles. Apart from that, users can also tweak audio and video effects. The drag and drop feature provides easy application of effects on the video. Advanced editors can also make use of advanced editing tools to further enhance the general look of the video.

Nero Video supports Windows Live Movie Maker projects. Users who have existing projects done in Windows Live Movie Maker, they can export it to Nero Video to add more effects and create a more professional looking video.

In addition, Nero Video can also be used to manage other multimedia content, such as photos and music. All these can be added to the program’s library so that they can also be used for creating movie projects.

Here are more features of the Nero Video editing application:
Picture in picture effect generator
Advanced multi-track video editing
GPGPU hardware acceleration
Flexible SmartEncoding
Burn to CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray discs