Nero StartSmart

Nero AG (Freeware)

The Nero StartSmart application serves as the command center for the Nero Multimedia Suite. It is a component of the Nero Suite and operates as an application launcher for all Nero products. The program was developed to help users in navigating and controlling the launching of Nero applications and other Nero-related tasks. It works by selecting a particular category (e.g. Music) and desired task (e.g. Audio Burning) to start a particular Nero application.

Frequently used Nero applications are grouped into categories according to data type (i.e. Music, Video/Photo and Data). These categories are arranged in “tabs” to provide easy access. Important and common Nero tasks can be found for each category. Every task found in each Nero StartSmart category is linked to other Nero Multimedia Suite programs such as Nero MediaHub, Nero SoundTrax, Nero Burning Rom, Nero WaveEditor and more. These Nero programs will launch after selecting a Nero task.

The StartSmart application offers a Quick Tasks feature. This feature provides access to pre-configured and frequently used programs without launching a separate Nero application. The available Quick Tasks include Data Burning, Audio Ripping, Audio Burning and Copy Disk.

The StartSmart software also has a Knowledge Center and Tools tab. The Knowledge Center tab provides access to websites offering support, downloadable manuals and tutorials. The Tools tab consists of tasks used to reduce drive noise, analyze drives and test drive performance. The StartSmart application also has a News Area where a subscribed newsfeed is displayed.