Nero SoundTrax

Nero AG (Bundled)

The Nero SoundTrax is an application used to create Audio CDs. The program is bundled with the Nero Multimedia Suite and utilizes the Nero API, which allows users to write and burn audio files without leaving the SoundTrax window.

The Nero SoundTrax application offers project templates for creating Audio CDs. Project templates range from frequently used audio projects to user-created project templates. Users can record, import, edit, export and burn audio projects from the project templates.

Recording audio can be done using external devices that are linked to the computer’s sound card. The Nero SoundTrax projects can also be edited by applying different audio effects and enhancement options, inserting audio clips, changing the Surround Sound Distribution and much more.

The Nero SoundTrax program has a feature called Nero SoundBox. This is a tool used to incorporate sound sequences, melodies and beats into an audio project. The Nero SoundBox tool also has Beat Editor, Ambience and Sequence options that provides music types, rhythms and instruments options to edit the Nero SoundTrax track. It also has a Text II Speech tool that can be used to insert texts in the track.

The SoundTrax application also has a Nero ScratchBox feature. Adding audio clips in the audio project can be done using this feature, which can also be used to play different audio files with its two virtual turntables. The Nero ScratchBox tool provides more audio editing options such as mixing, processing and scratching the audio files.

The program is integrated with the Nero WaveEditor software. This allows the addition of audio effects found in the Nero WaveEditor application including VST and Direct Plug-ins, echo, voice modifications and fine tuning. This can be done by opening Nero Wave Editor and making the necessary changes to the audio project. All changes made via Nero WaveEditor are imported into SoundTrax.