Nero ShowTime

Nero AG (Bundled)

Nero ShowTime is an application used to play all types of digital recordings. It is included in the Nero Multimedia Suite. The program can play different types of files including Video files, Audio CDs, Image files, Audio files or Video movies (available in a video folder format).

The application can capture screenshots while the video is playing and provides screen size options that can be set to view the video in full-screen or other scale sizes. While playing in full-screen, a navigation bar can be activated that provides playback options and other control options. It also features an Enable Quiet Disc Playback mode that gives the option to reduce background noise from a drive when it is being used for playback.

The Nero ShowTime application has a Media Streaming feature. Media streaming can be used to enter and play media via the Internet such as video, audio, web TV, web radio or image casts. It works by continuously transmitting data from a network or the Internet.

The program can also play TV Channel Streaming provided that the Nero MediaHome application is connected to a network. However, this only works if the computer is linked to a (UPnP) network where the server of the MediaHome application is connected.

The Nero ShowTime program can also create playlists. Playlists can consist of different media file types and different formats. It can be played according to the order files were compiled and this can also be edited. Playlists made by other applications can also be played in the Nero ShowTime program.