Nero RescueAgent

Nero AG (Bundled)

Nero RescueAgent is a file recovery program. It is bundled with the Nero Multimedia Suite and it is used to recover corrupted or mildly damaged files from different media storage devices. Old versions or deleted files may also be recovered using this program for multisession discs and formatted discs for UDF file system. This program supports almost all types of media storage devices including hard drives, floppy disks, memory cards, USB sticks, and CD/DVDs. A Save log file process is also available at the end of each process. However, this process is optional.

The Nero RescueAgent application offers two types of scans. These are Fast Scan and Deep Scan. The Fast Scan option is made for FAT files only. It can be used to search and recover FAT files. This type of scan is also capable of restoring old versions and deleted files. The Deep Scan option is made for NTFS files. This type of scan browses the entire selected storage medium. The Deep Scan finds corrupted files, faulty meta-file entries, corrupted files, deleted files, unreadable sectors, and files that cannot be found in the FAT file system.

The Nero RescueAgent program is available together with the Nero Multimedia Suite. Other versions are available but with restricted features. The Nero RescueAgent trial version and Nero RescueAgent Essentials version offer a limited number of files to be recovered per session.

The following are the supported file systems of Nero RescueAgent: NTFS, Multisession Disks, UFD (Versions 1.0 to 2.6), FAT 16, ExtFAT, FAT32, UDF or ISO Bridge Disk and CDFS (ISO 9660 including Joliet)