Nero Recode 2

Nero AG (Freeware)

The Nero Recode 2 is an application used for handling different tasks related to non-copy-protected DVD-Video, or related video files. It is used for copying, compiling and converting video files. The application is bundled with the NeroVision Express 3.

The Nero Recode 2 program works as a copying tool. It copies and archives non-copy-protected DVD-Video titles to DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW or DVD-RAM disks. The program will compress the video files if the video source is larger than the disk space of the target DVD. The Nero Recode 2 application also provides an option for users to remove subtitles and/or soundtracks while copying a video file. The program will not modify the DVD menu from the video source, even if the subtitles are removed. Alternatively, target DVDs can be written on the computer’s hard disk, also known as disk image.

The Nero Recode 2 application can also be used to compile non-copy-protected DVD-Videos to other media storage. After selecting a list of DVD-Video titles and compiling the files, the Nero Recode 2 application can be used to burn the compiled file onto a single DVD/CD.

The program also functions as a converter. It can be used to change the format of non-copy-protected DVD-Videos into MPEG-4, or Nero Digital standard format. Converted files can also be burned onto supported disk types of the Nero Recode 2 application.