Nero Photosnap Viewer

Nero AG (Shareware)

Nero PhotoSnap Viewer is a viewing software for digital pictures. As a supplemental component of Nero PhotoSnap, the viewing application supports the same image formats as those used for PhotoSnap. Nero PhotoSnap edits photographs taken by digital cameras. It offers a broad range of tools for correcting and enhancing the picture quality of digital photos. The editing software is also useful for adding special image effects.

The Viewer enables users to define the settings for displaying images. In the Preferences window, they can opt to let the software automatically define the size of the pictures, show the image or image name in full screen view, or pixelate enlarged photographs.

Nero PhotoSnap Viewer consists in a program interface that features a toolbar, menu bar, and the area for viewing the pictures. The toolbar comprises the following buttons to perform its digital picture viewing functionalities:

• Open – This button launches the “Select an Image File to Opened” window. Users can choose pictures they wish to work on from this window.
• Zoom In and Out – Pressing the Zoom In button enlarges or increases the view of the photograph; the Zoom Out button makes the picture appear smaller.
• Left/Right – These buttons allow users to rotate the image 90 degrees either to the left or to the right.
• Information – Using this button opens the “File Information” window, which displays various information such as the color depth and size of the graphic image.
• Previous/Next Picture – Users can navigate through pictures with the help of the “Previous” and “Next” buttons.