Nero PhotoSnap image editor

Nero AG (Freeware)

The Nero PhotoSnap Image Editor is an application bundled with some of the programs developed by Nero AG, such as NeroVision Express. The photo editor allows you to manipulate pictures with the use of the options made available. There are several tools that you can choose from. For a quick fix on a photo, the Autofix Image option automatically makes changes to the opened image. Other editing options include crop, red eye removal, hot pixel fixer, exposure, and color balance.

Apart from the basic editing tools available, there are also photo effects to make a photo look more creative. Some options under the effects menu include vignetting, glow, kaleidoscope, invert, and aging. You can view the changes made on the photo by using the split preview that shows how the photo looks before and after the changes were made. The program’s interface makes it easy for beginners to edit and improve the look of a photo.

The application allows you to save different profiles so that you can apply a certain look to several photos that you want to edit. Nero PhotoSnap Image Editor supports formats, such as .jpg, .gif, .png, .mbp, .tif, and other common image formats. This application can also be used as a photo viewer.