Nero Move it

Nero AG (Proprietary)

Nero Move it is a multimedia utility which can share and transfer pictures, audio, and movie files across 200 different mobile devices like cell phones, MP3 players,  iPhones, iPods, Personal digital Assistants, blackberries, digital cameras and other devices. It automatically performs the conversion to the file type that is compatible to the destination devices, thus saving the user the time to think about the specifics of the whole transfer process. It can be used by both novice and advanced computer users.

Nero Move its user interface may take some time getting used to, especially for those who have not experienced using any converting software. The initial screen that the user will see will have two identical sets of functions to select from on each side and includes Device, My Nero, My Space, myPC, User-defined device and Youtube. The screen is split in two so that users can define functions for the original file and the destination device. For more advanced users, settings can be further customized by going through Settings=> Profile=>User Defined. On this section, advanced settings like sampling rates/encoding, bitrate, channels and resolution can be defined. Aside from transferring multimedia across devices, this software also allows sharing via the My Nero page, My Space and Youtube applications.