Nero Mobile

Nero AG (Bundled)

Nero Mobile is a media suite developed by Nero AG. It serves as a central area for different media files making personal digital assistants (PDA) and smartphones into mobile media centers. Its integrated media archive allows users to access all media file types whenever you are away from the computer. It works by loading the media files onto PDAs or smartphones with one click of a mouse from the Nero 7 suite installed the computer.

Nero Mobile features Content Browsers where users can access all types of files in the computer’s local system then use the Nero Media Home Server application to access, play and assign media files to the Nero Mobile media library. The program also features Music Library where users can manage and play music tracks on the PDAs or smartphones. This feature can also be used to compile and create new music collections/library. For image files, the Nero Mobile program can be used to manage, create and play slideshows. Users can also use this program to compile and create photo collections and even add visual and music effects. For video files, the Video Library feature of this program can be used to manage and play video. It can also be used to create new video collections. Nero Mobile also offers Jukebox where videos, music tracks and photos can be shown while playing. It also provides a control bar to manage the video/audio files being played.