Nero MediaHome

Nero AG (Shareware)

The Nero MediaHome is a licensed Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Audio/Video media server developed by Nero AG. It is a media center and an entertainment network program for Microsoft Windows. It allows streaming of different multimedia content to interconnected UPnP appliances. The MediaHome application works by identifying entertainment appliances within the network and allowing users to utilize the devices through the server.

The Nero MediaHome program can be used to share different types of media content including images, music, and videos. All users who have access to the local network automatically gain access to the shared media files. The media server also transmits Internet services like web radio, web TV, podcasts and image/video/audio casts). Radio stations and television channels can also be transmitted by the Nero MediaHome application. All media players compatible with the standard UPnP can play and view shared media content.

The Nero MediaHome program can connect computers to other entertainment devices, such as radios and televisions. Once connected, setting up an integrated media center and viewing transmitted programs (radio stations/television channels) is possible through the MediaHome program. The media files being played are automatically converted to formats supported by the UPnP devices.

The Nero MediaHome application also organizes the media files in the network. It has a Media Library section that provides an overview of all the files installed in the server. It will arrange the files and categorize them into their respective media types, i.e. photos, audios or videos.