Nero ImageDrive

Ahead Software AG (Bundled)

Nero ImageDrive is a virtual drive application bundled with some Nero Multimedia Suites. This application can create a virtual drive that can be seen in Microsoft Windows Explorer. The Nero ImageDrive program works similarly to a real drive. The only difference is that a virtual drive does not require hardware and an actual disc. Instead, it uses image files (or virtual discs) that act like an actual disk. These image files are mounted to the Nero ImageDrive program that can be used to perform typical Disc Drive functions (e.g. open, view and execute programs or files). The Nero ImageDrive program supports NRG and ISO image file formats, and CD and DVD-ROM image disc types.

The Nero ImageDrive program provides an option to load the mount images at startup, from Microsoft Windows Explorer or through a command line input. These options are only possible if the virtual drive option is enabled. Opening a virtual disc from Microsoft Windows Explorer requires that the user specify that the virtual disk must be opened using Nero ImageDrive. Only two configured virtual drives are allowed when using the Nero ImageDrive program. To use two virtual drives simultaneously via command line input, save the command file as batch files (.bat) for opening different image files to switch between two different mount image files without opening the application.