Nero Express Portable

PortableAppZ (Bernat) (Shareware)

Nero Express Portable is meant to run from a portable hard drive, a USB drive, or any removable drive. The portability of Nero Express refers to the fact that it need not be installed in a computer. Instead it can be accessed through the drive.

The Nero Express series is the program of choice of many computer-savvy individuals for writing files to multimedia or data discs. The program creators intend for the tool to burn data discs without having to learn complicated operations.

The user interface of this tool is very easy to understand because the options needed are clearly presented. The following are just some of the functions offered:
• Creating disc labels
• Printing disc labels
• Renaming the disc
• Multiple replication of discs

It does not take more than a few clicks to complete the CD/DVD burning process after the Nero Express Portable has been opened. Once the type compilation and type of CD or DVD are selected, the files need to be added. When the selection is completed and all the files and folders to be burned are included, the user is just a few clicks closer to the completion of the procedure. With a final click on the “Burn” button the process of burning a CD/DVD begins. Users need to make sure that a blank CD or DVD is inserted into the computer.