Nero DiscSpeed

Nero AG (Freeware)

The Nero DiscSpeed benchmarking program can be used to test the operational functionality of a CD/DVD recorder. It is available as a component of the Nero Multimedia Suite replacing Nero CD-DVD Speed. The program works by checking the speed of CD/DVD drive, as well as benchmarking and testing burned and blank CD/DVD disks. The Nero DiscSpeed application can be customized to perform based on the user’s desired output. Results can either be displayed as test logs or graphs.

The Nero DiscSpeed program offers basic and advanced media and drive tests. Tests can be run individually or in a test series. It features graphical demonstration of test protocols, results and import/export function. CPU usage and buffer status can be displayed in graphs as well. Other features offered by the Nero DiscSpeed include simple screen capture, bit setting function, and special test disc production.

The following are the details provided by Nero DiscSpeed:

• Manufacturer’s name
• DAE quality/speed test
• Disc status
• Raw and binary data
• Copy-protection
• Transfer rate test of both read and write
• Disc use
• Number of available disk layers
• Disc /book type in the CD/DVD drive
• Media Identification Mode (MID)
• Complete burning and writing speeds
• Disc capacity in both MB and MSF