Nero ControlCenter

Nero AG (Freeware)

Nero ControlCenter is a program used to manage update settings, update, online options, and serial numbers of all the Nero products installed in a computer. It is installed together with the Nero Multimedia Suite. The program provides settings to either add or remove a Nero product’s serial numbers. The serial number section of the product displays not only the serial number, but also the product name and expiration date of the Nero product.

The Nero ControlCenter program has an option to upgrade trials, Lite and Essential versions to full versions of Nero products. This option can also be used to upgrade a standalone application to a version offering more features.

The program has an installable application button that can be used to verify if there are other available applications that can be installed for a particular Nero product. If there are other available applications, users have the option to download them.

The Nero ControlCenter application can also be used to update a previous version to recent versions. It also offers a Check for Updates button. This button can search for available updates manually. The Update Now button is used to download the updates and install it on the computer.

Under the Online Options, the Nero ControlCenter software offers a Nero Product Improvement Program window. This window can be used to modify the Nero Product Improvement Program’s participation settings and define different online settings in terms of the behavior of Internet connection while using Nero products.