Nero CD - DVD Speed

Nero AG (Freeware)

Nero CD-DVD Speed is a benchmarking application developed by NERO AG. It is bundled with Nero Suite 6 and is included in the suite’s Nero Toolkit. The application is used for testing important features of a computer’s optical drive. It can be used for lowering the read noise, extending the life of a CD-ROM drive and improving CD-DVD reading reliability. Some of the tests that can be done from this application include Transfer Rate, CPU Usage, Access/Seek Times, DAE Quality and more.

An Options window is also available that includes configuration settings for various aspects of the program. It allows users to set the read/write speed. Three options are available for this – Maximum, Current and Selected. Choosing what type of test to perform can also be set. It also provides configuration options for Transfer Rate and Access/Seek Times. For the Transfer Rate, setting the test length as well as high-resolution graph is possible. There is also settings for the maximum speed (CD/DVD), write options, write mode (TAO or SAO) and disk type (data or audio). Nero CD-DVD Speed will display a log file after the test/s.

Extra tests are also available where users can perform the following:
• Advanced DAE Quality Tests
• OverBurning Test
• ScanDisk
• CD Quality Test
• Disk Info
• Erase Disk.