Nero BackItUp 12

Nero AG (Shareware)

Nero BackItUp is an application used to backup and restore data, applications and operating systems. The program was developed by Nero AG and is available as a component of the Nero Multimedia Suite and as a standalone application.

The Nero BackItUp application can backup programs, files (file backup) and operating systems (drive backup). The program has a feature called the Nero LIVEBackup, which is an ideal backup option for backing up the entire computer system. The Nero BackItUp program also offers other types of backup options including Autobackup, File Backup, Nero Kwik Media Library Backup, and Drive Backup.

The BackItUp program provides different types of backups. These are Full Backup, Incremental Backup, Backup Update and Differential Backup. Scheduling the backup time is also possible with this program. Backups can be done once, daily, weekly, monthly, at startup, at log on, or when idle. BackItUp also offers different backup options including compression (compress data before backup) and encryption (activate/deactivate encryption function).

The Nero BackItUp software is also used for syncing different files between two folders. Synchronization is a process of exchanging files between two folders. The program offers five different sync types including update, mirror, partial mirror, copy and partial synchronization. The BackItUp application can also be used to restore files and backup. Erasing rewritable discs is also possible using this program.

The BackItUp application offers two main features. These are the BackItUp SyncTool and the BackItUp ImageTool. The BackItUp SyncTool is used for syncing functions. It is often used for automatic syncing functions. This provides the same features and tools as the sync tool included in the Nero BackItUp application. The Nero BackItUp ImageTool is a feature used to backup and restore applications similar to the BackItUp program. It runs from a bootable disc even if Windows is not active and is designed for drive backup and restoration.