NeoRouter Mesh

NeoRouter Inc. (Shareware)

NeoRouter Mesh is a reliable, cross-platform, cloud-based VPN service that enables the user to connect with other computers and access contents. It is a program developed by NeoRouter Inc. There is no need for users of this program to possess advanced computer knowledge and skill in order to maximize its features.

This application is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux systems and works with equal efficacy on different devices. Computers running on FreeBSD and Android are compatible with the program as well.

NeoRouter Mesh is a zero-configuration utility that enables users to remotely access computers in just a matter of minutes. This application is hosted on dependable service clusters that are guaranteed to work consistently fast and provide reliable services. NeoRouter users can rely on the NeoRouter team and its host of dependable servers for easy configuration

Once the program is installed, the connected computers may be viewed and accessed by the user using their virtual IP addresses. For the initial connection to be activated, users need to set up the NeoRouter clients. A support team is on stand-by for inquiries sent via email. There is also a support forum available to users who have questions with regard to the utility and its usage.