NeoRouter Free

NeoRouter Inc. (Freeware)

NeoRouter Free is a software application that allows businesses to gain remote access to desktop computers that are connected to a network. This is accomplished by connecting multiple computers together into a virtual local area network. Once the virtual LAN establishes users of the machines connected to the network may then access files remotely from other computers within the LAN.
Aside from remote access, NeoRouter Free allows users to share files freely across computers within the network. As the LAN does not require a connection to the Internet to work, file transfer is faster compared to moving files over the Internet.

User permissions can be fine-tuned across linked machines, which means that the network administrator can decide who can see what in the network. Many customization options are available in NeoRouter Free. For instance, the graphical user interface is automatically loaded based on the operating system of the user. In addition, users may change the skins manually and business owners can incorporate their corporate logo into the program.

The application itself is designed for portability. Thus, computer users who wish to set up a virtual LAN but have no administrative access to software installation procedures can use NeoRouter by loading the program from a USB Flash drive without the need to install the program into the plugged machine.