NeoRage 5.0


There was once a time when arcade games ruled the gaming world. It became something people bonded over. Going to the arcade became an activity not just for people to play video games, but it also became an activity where people could socialize and make friends. With the nature of arcade games, where two players sit very close to each other, sharing a screen and a game with another person, it was natural that people would bond over it. There was also the thrill of needing to be highly skilled, so that players would be able to get far into the game with a limited number of credits. Now, the team behind NeoRage brings the arcade experience to the computer with their now legendary emulator.

The NeoRage emulator provides gamers with a chance to reminisce and play their favorite arcade games from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s on their computer, from the comfort of their own home. Classic titles such as Metal Slug, Puzzle Bobble, Samurai Showdown, The King of Fighters, and other games can be played through the emulator. With the software being an emulator, there are added features to the playability of the games. Players now have the option of unlimited credits, customizable controls, cheats, and the ability to save and load games during any part of the game.

The developers no longer support and give updates to this emulator.