NeoPaint 5

NeoSoft Corp. (Shareware)

NeoPaint is a graphics application that allows users to retouch photographs and create images. It can be used in a variety of creative fields, such as photography, visual art, blogging, desktop publishing, Web design, graphic art, program development, illustration, academic and artistic presentation, and crafting. This application supports numerous image formats, including TIFF, PSD, and PNG. The program can also be integrated with the user’s installed digital camera, scanner, and printer systems.

Users can view and manage their image files using the application. The program’s photo-retouching tools include tooth whitening, color balance, color correction, cloning, and red-eye removal. Other image aspects such as hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, and histogram may also be adjusted. Illustration and graphic design can be done using the application’s built-in gradients, textures, and traditional media such as crayon, watercolor, fountain pen, charcoal, chalk, and brush. Custom paint brushes may be created according to user preferences.

A key feature of this program is its screen capture tool called NeoGrab. This utility enables users to create how-to manuals, newsletters, and similar materials. The screen shots captured by NeoGrab are sent automatically to NeoPaint for editing. Another feature of the program is its built-in editor for icons and cursors, which lets users create Animated GIFs that can be used as avatars and mouse pointers. The application has a simple interface with an extensive range of tools that visual artists of different skill levels can easily make use of.