Nemo's Secret Vulcania

bigfishgames (Shareware)

Nemo's Secret Vulcania is a game that presents Captain Nemo’s new adventure. The player of this computer game is tasked mainly to save the courageous Captain from the evil villain, Dardell. The player is tasked to find ways to help Alice in giving back Captain Nemo his freedom.

This game features an interesting setting—a volcanic island where the evil Dardell conducts a number of experiments designed to wreak destruction. Here, players will enter Hidden Object Scene in which a number of items must be found. The items that must be found are listed at the bottom of the game area. At the end of each scene is a puzzle that needs to be solved. Once the solution to the puzzle is found, the player receives an inventory item that is necessary in the game and are all designed to help achieve the objective of saving Captain Nemo.

The player of Nemo's Secret Vulcania has another important task to accomplish aside from endeavoring to find the Captain and set him free. There is a Time Wheel that needs to be protected lest Dardell, the villain utilizes this powerful tool for the fulfillment of evil plans and schemes.

Nemo's Secret Vulcania is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 8.