Nemo Documents 1.2.10

Iola (Freeware)

Nemo is a Windows program that serves as a management and tagging platform for documents, spreadsheets, pictures, audio, video, and other archived files. This application is useful for handling many different documents, projects, and clients. It inspects and restructures items in the current folder. It then maps out the files in a calendar-like view that is much like those used by Google Calendar and Outlook.

The system was designed to make locating various documents easier by arranging them according to input that users can remember about the files. The software integrates with Windows Desktop Search so that files based on key phrases can be extracted from within the documents themselves, or from file types, and modification dates. For instance, files can be sorted according to a file type, changes made the last time these were accessed, files worked on within a certain period, or based on the title or content that makes up the document. The program works with a wide array of services, Office, and media files. These include Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, and Google Docs. Even email attachments and events in Google Calendar and Google Drive can be indexed. Nemo also labels the current folder structure in order to facilitate organizing the items.

The calendar-like interface where the files appear as indexed items allows the user to trace or monitor the history of files accessed. The user is then able to quickly locate files accessed by day, week, month, year, or in a list view. File-type filters and tagging can be customized in many ways. For example, they can be filtered by type of file, folder, user-defined tags, and Gmail-style star marks. Files can also be opened directly from the calendar grid.