DHSoft (Shareware)

Neko95 is a game about a tiny white cat that chases the computer mouse cursor that’s been made to look like a mouse. The mouse may also be modified into other creatures such as a bird or a fish. This game involves an endless cat and mouse game that happens on the user’s desktop computer. Neko95 was the creation of Masayuki Koba. Modifications to the program were made by Tatsuya Kato and Dara T. Khani.  

The name “Neko” means “cat” in the Japanese language. It is a simple, fun tool that makes computer use rather entertaining. Here are the features of Neko95:
• Customization of Neko’s appearance
• Neko can be made to run atop the windows
• The cat may be used as a sprite in a variety of different programs
• A Neko window can be maintained while the user is working in other windows that are not maximized

Neko sits it out on the desktop and chases the mouse pointer as soon as it moves. The cat will chase the mouse until it leaves the window. When it is not moving, the cat pointer goes into sleep mode. The cat may also scratch or yawn until disturbed and moved. As soon as the mouse comes back, Neko, the cat will wake up and resume the chase.