Neko Puzzle 1.21

Lexaloffle Games (Shareware)

Neko Puzzle is a simple logic game. The aim is to guide the kitty through the obstacles in each level before the set time runs out. The kitty can fly and players must collect all of the objects that are spread on the game screen. However, the kitty can only jump from one object to another using the arrow keys. There is not right way to finish the level, but players must have a strategy as the kitty can get stuck on an object if there are no moves left. The game can be controlled using the arrow keys on the keyboard. The game starts with a simple puzzle, but gets more difficult as the player progresses.

Neko Puzzle offers three modes of difficulty from easy to hard. Users can play on their own or play in two-player mode wherein the screen will be split horizontally to make way for a second player. The right side of the screen shows the number of lives the player has, the score for the level, and the bonus points awarded. The game also has a cheat where the kitty can have nine lives. The game offers different puzzles each time the player starts a game.