Need4Video Software Launcher (Freeware)

Need4Video Software Launcher is an application used to open programs developed by the same company that created the software launcher. At the same time, tools developed for Ned4video that user may need in his or her machine can use the launcher to download the needed component from the Internet.

Downloaded installers from the Need4Video website are then automatically managed by the launcher. If a user decides to forego the installation after downloading the software, Software Launcher then sets a schedule on when the user prefers to install the program. The tools and utilities offer by the Need4 suite can be browsed by heading to the Need4Video homepage and navigating to a directory of products and solutions offered by the company. With Software Launcher, the user can skip opening the web browser entirely and proceed to browse available tools from within the launcher itself.

The graphical user interface was designed with novice users in mind, which means that no matter the extent of a program’s complexity, installing it with Software Launcher usually takes only a few clicks.
Aside from its ability to download and install Need4Video tools from the Web, Software Launcher also constantly monitors programs in the computer that have been installed through the launcher. This means that once a more recent version is available, the Launcher automatically updates the program.