Need For Waves

MyPlayCity (Freeware)

Need For Waves is a boat racing video game developed by MyPlayCity and released on July 2006. This game involves racing cutter boats on a predefined course with the goal to finish first. The race course is littered with physical obstacles. Bumping into any of the obstacles can lead into one of three possible results--it slows down the cutter, causes it to change directions, or makes the cutter crash. A crashed cutter ends the current game. However, some obstacles are actually bonus objects. Bonuses include life, additional scores, a superengine, an armor, or a gun that may be used to defend from enemy obstacles. Each level also has a defined time limit requiring the player to finish the course before the time lapses.

Need For Waves’s graphical user interface features a left panel, the race course at the middle, and the race map and controls on the right panel. The Left panel shows the current Level and current Score. It also displays the remaining Time in which the player can complete the course. The bottom window displays the remaining Lives the player still has. The right panel contains a miniature copy of the race course showing the current position of the player and the remaining distance towards the goal. The bottom right panel features the Bonus counter, the current speed, and fuel the cutter still has.