Need For Speed Underground

EA Black Box (Proprietary)

Need for Speed – Underground is a racing video game first released in 2003 (Microsoft Windows). It is the seventh entry in the Need for Speed game series created by EA Black Box. Unlike other NFS installments, this game focuses on tuner culture. Its career mode is also changed gearing towards a storyline-based structure.

NFSU features five gameplay modes – Circuit, Sprint, Knockout, Drag Racing, and Drifting.

• Circuit mode – This is the game’s main mode, in which the player races against other racers (a total of four) for a couple of laps around a racetrack. The number of opponents decreases to one player during the last four races of the game’s underground mode.
• Sprint mode – This is a shorter version of the Circuit mode. Instead of racing in a loop racetrack, the player races in point-to-point tacks.
• Knockout mode – In this mode, the player “knocks out” the remaining opponent passing the start line in every lap. The goal here is to knock out all the opponents until the player is the only racer remains.
• Drag Racing mode – in this mode, players go against other racers on straight tracks. The goal is to beat other opponents to win.
• Drifting mode – This mode involves one player drifting in a short racetrack and the goal is to gather the most points. The player goes against three opponents. The player must beat all the scores of the other opponents.