Need for Speed: ProStreet

EA Black Box (Shareware)

Need for Speed: ProStreet is a racing video game released in 2007. It is the eleventh game in the Need for Speed series of games. There are four types of game modes available – Drag, Speed, Drift, and Grip.

• Drag Race – race with three heats wherein the fastest player to finish the race in all three heats wins
• Speed Race – the player who crosses the finish line first wins
• Drift Race – players score points according to the angle and speed of the drift
• Grip Race – players are placed in a group based on the type of vehicle and the first person to cross the finish line wins

Aside from these races, players can also play the Quick Race mode, where they can race in a location, course, and event that they choose.

Players take the role of Ryan Cooper, a street racer who hopes to get into the Battle Machine racing event. Players are challenged to races throughout the game until they claim the title of Street King. One of the features of the game is car customization. In Need for Speed: ProStreet, players can change the color of the car, the parts (exhaust, hoods, rims, etc.), and add stickers and decals to the body.