Need For Speed - Porsche 2000

Eden Studios/EA Canada/Pocketeers (Proprietary)

Need For Speed - Porsche 2000 is a racing video game released in 2000. It is one of the titles in the Need for Speed series of games. The game makes use of different models of Porsche cars from the year 1950 to 2000. The racing fields are set in different tracks located in Europe. The initial tracks are set on Cote d’Azur, Monte Carlo, Normandie, and Pyrenees. New tracks are made available as the player advances in the game.

Need For Speed - Porsche 2000 offers four basic playing modes: Quick Race, Multiplayer, Evolution, and Factory. Quick Race allows players to customize their cars and play single player games where they can select the number of laps and their competitors. They can also choose to engage in a sudden death game where the player who is last to complete each lap is eliminated until only one player remains. The multiplayer mode allows races with up to 15 players. In Evolution mode, the player buys and upgrades the car model and opens tracks whenever a tournament is won. Lastly, the Factory mode places the player as a test driver for Porsche, where the player perform stunts and tricks to win customized Porsche cars and advance to the next level.