Need For Speed High Stakes

Electronic Arts, Inc. (Shareware)

Need for Speed: High Stakes is a racing video game that was first released in 1999. It is the first game in the Need for Speed series that offers a career mode. In the game, players can join races and engage in police chases. One of the additions in the game is a new kind of tournament called High Stakes. There are also additional pursuit modes called Time Trap and Getaway.

• Career Mode – In Career Mode, players join different tournaments in order to get trophies, as well as unlock race tracks and cars. Players can use the winning money to purchase, repair, or upgrade vehicles. In high stakes races, players must go against a single opponent and bet their vehicle.
• Hot Pursuit – Hot Pursuit mode is divided into three sub-modes – Classic, Time Trap, and Getaway. In classic mode, the player goes against an opponent while evading the police cars in the track. Players can also play as the police and catch all the racers during the event. In Time Trap, the player must complete the race in a set amount of time, while in Getaway mode, the player must not get caught by the police in a given amount of time.
• High Stakes – The High Stakes challenge is where players bet their cars.

Need for Speed: High Stakes features 18 cars and 19 race tracks in different locations.