Need for Speed Carbon - Collector's Edition

EA BlackBox (Proprietary)

Need for Speed Carbon- Collector’s Edition is a racing game from Electronic Arts Video. The game is the tenth installment in the Need for Speed series. The gameplay deals with racing rivalry. The players run a team of racing crews. The players can also recruit street racers to become a part of the crew. Street racers which are hired possess two skills - racing and non-racing. Racing skills include drafting, blocking, and scouting. Non-racing skills include fixing, mechanic knowledge, and fabricating parts.

The characters use the skills to avoid attention from police. In addition, the vehicle of the character depends on the racing skills. There are different game modes that players can choose from. The Career mode allows the player to race in tracks. The winner of the game can conquer a new territory. In addition, the winner also gets in the Boss Race. This level puts the player in competition with the bosses on different districts. The player has the option to accept or decline the challenge. Aside from the Boss Race, the player can also participate in other races. The Canyon Duel pits two players side by side. Another mission involves the Japanese Togue race.

Need for Speed: Carbon also features “Autosculpt.” This aspect of the game deals with car customization. The game gives the player the ability to mould car parts. The player can tune the vehicle to check its properties after each enhancement. The players can expect police chases in most game modes excluding Canyon Duel and Checkpoint Races.