Need For Extreme 3D

MyPlayCity (Freeware)

MyPlayCity’s Need for Extreme 3D is a digital car race game that takes virtual drivers into various road challenges.  Other than bumping and pushing the competition off the road to slow them down, players can use missiles and mines that they capture along the track to get ahead of the race.  However, the other drivers can also capture these bonuses and use them on the players – it is, therefore, of utmost importance to always stay ahead of everyone else.

Each race begins with players choosing whether they want to play in Tournament Mode or Single Race.  They then select the difficulty level and the track they want to race in.  Gamers then pick the car they wish to drive – each vehicle comes with useful information to help drivers decide which one would suit their needs, namely acceleration, maximum speed, controllability, and weight, as well as short review.

Need for Extreme 3D, featured in 3D graphics with excellent sound, offers a third person point of view.  Players see their and their opponents’ cars from overhead, and the screen also displays a speedometer, the number of laps, a bird’s eye view of the track, and the weapons that they have gathered.

Using easy-to-use keyboard controls, players can enjoy hours of racing pleasure with Need for Extreme 3D’s various challenges, race tracks, and obstacles.