Necrovision 2010

The Farm 51 (Shareware)

NecroVisioN is a first-person shooter game in the history-horror genre. It provides players with an alternate view of the events of World War I. In this game, players assume the role of the character named Simon Bukner, an American that got drafted into the British Army. Bukner finds himself facing not only enemy soldiers, but supernatural elements such as demons and zombies as well. It was believed that a mysterious infection has caused people to turn into zombie-like creatures. The game takes the player to different locations, including the realms of the demons and vampires.

NecroVisioN has three levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal, and Hard), each with a different ending. Aside from the single player mode, players can also engage in a multiplayer game. Players can choose to be a Vampire, Undead, or a Human. There are four types of multiplayer modes:

• Team Deathmatch – players group in teams and fight in a deathmatch
• Free for All – similar to a deathmatch mode wherein players go against each other
• Last Man Standing – the game is started with additional health for all players, who fight each other to the death. The last one left alive becomes the winner.
• Capture the Artifact – players group in teams and attempt to obtain an artifact of a vampiric nature and bring it back to their base