Neat Image Home+ edition

ABSoft (Shareware)

Neat Image is an application used for removing grains and noise on digital images. It is available as a standalone program, or as a plugin for various photo editing applications, such as PaintShop Pro and PhotoShop Elements. The program can be used for images that are taken in low lighting conditions, as well as in active environments, such as a sports game. It is capable of reducing noise on JPEG artifacts, film grains in scanned photo prints, and on pictures with high ISO noise.

The program has a simple and easy to use interface that consists of buttons at the top portion of the window. The buttons include Output Image, Noise Filter Settings, Device Noise Profile, and Input Image. When an image is selected, it will be displayed on the work area at the center of the screen. Settings for reducing noise are found at the bottom part of the window. The settings can be changed by selecting one of the options from menus, or by using the sliders that are available. Users can also create their own profiles in order to be able to use the same settings for several images. More configuration settings can be accessed on the application’s Preferences window.