ndxCards 1.96

indxCards (Shareware)

ndxCards is an information management application that can be used for taking notes and recording data. The program can be used for organizing notes, studying, data collection, and many more. Any type of information can be added to the virtual index card including charts, text, images and pictures, data, sources, and many others. These can also be tagged, so users can easily find data when there is a lot of information gathered. Notes can be organized according to sources, keywords, subjects, or author.

Other features of the ndxCards application are the following:

• Push Pins – Users can add push pins to notes in order to mark important index cards. Push pins can be removed with just a click.
• Links – Information on the index cards can be linked to their respective websites on the Internet. This allows users to read more information about a certain topic, author, or quote that is recorded on the index card.
• Export – Notes and index cards can be exported to Microsoft Word for printing. In addition, these notecards can be embedded on Microsoft PowerPoint or Visio presentations.
• Outlines – Outlines can be created out of information recorded on the index cards. Outlines can streamline workflow and present information in a more organized manner.