ndsromplayer (Freeware)

NDSROM Player is a utility that plays DS games and runs programs that are meant for other operating systems or video game consoles. Emulators for the following platforms are available: SNES, MS-DOS, SEGA Genesis, and Timex ZX81s, among others.

The main use of NDSROM Player is to give gamers the chance to try out DS games on their PC before finalizing a purchase. This provides players the means to determine whether there are defects in the game. This program also gives them the chance to assess the game objectively and determine its quality and whether or not they are interested in it enough to buy.

NDSROM Player also provides avid gamers access to an updated database and a comprehensive search tool. Players can gain access to numerous titles including the most anticipated new offers from game developers. The language is easy to understand and made familiar to gamers for ease of use.

NDSROM Player is easy to operate and comes with a user-friendly interface. This utility is available to gamers for free. NDSROM Player is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP. The developers recommend broadband Internet connection for best performance. This program works best with Mozilla Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 8.