NDAS 2010 Pricing Program

Wasserman Medical Publishers (Proprietary)

NDAS 2010 Pricing Program is an application that applies a central characteristic in determining costs of dental care. The program enhances the potential of the user to know the details of the payment they subscribe or enroll in. The purpose of the utility is to save time, compare prices from the different dental service company or institution, and provide other information about dental benefits. The application comes with other features, including the following:

• Comparison of percentile fees
• List of directories of dental societies
• Fee schedule
• Coding notes and billing tips
• Report log

The NDAS 2010 Pricing Program helps users recognize the exact pricing and how it costs that way. The program has the capability to report the total pricing of the services, even the fee for the dentist. There are no hidden charges that will be charged by the subscriber because it all stated in the application.

In addition, practitioners can easily turn up the geographical localization of any institution that provides dental services. Therefore, all the necessary things that a subscriber may know are shown, including all the dental codes, medical codes, diagnostic codes, and other legal medical assurances. NDAS 2010 Pricing Program fully instructs the subscriber from the root to the tip of legality issues in dental care services.