NCoverExplorer 2.0.1

KiwiNova Ltd (Shareware)

NCoverExplorer is a programming application that provides users with the ability to open a coverage.xml files and browse the source code. This tool works in conjunction with NCover, which functions to produce the XML results. The explorer tool highlights the coverage information required by the user, usually the statements that have been visited and those that were not. With this tool, program developers will be able to see the coverage output beside the IDE information of a specific code. Developers may then be able to add and modify source code tests to increase the coverage as necessary. In addition, users will be able to filter the coverage results as well as sort and do a report on them.

The parts of the source code that are highlighted in blue indicate the section of the code that had been visited. A tooltip also shows how many times it was visited. Users may also choose to view the visit count in a separate pane. The parts that are highlighted in red indicate the section that had not been visited. Users may change the display settings in the Options dialog box under the View menu; unvisited parts of the source code may be underlined instead of highlighted.