NCH Tone Generator 3.02

NCH Software (Shareware)

NCH Tone Generator is an application that works as signal, sound frequency, and sine wave generators. It is able to create sweeps, noise waveforms, and test tones for audio. The program generates waveforms through the use of sound cards and Windows computers. Speakers and other audio equipment can be tested and calibrated. A sound card is imperative in order to use the program.

Test tones are normally generated in studios and radio for level alignment. Musical instruments can be tuned for correct reference tones. Log and linear tone sweeps are provided. Creating beats and dual tones are possible through separate and mono stereo operations. A number of simultaneous tones can be generated which is especially useful in the creation of harmonics. One up to sixteen different tones can be made simultaneously. Tones may be saved as WAV files or can be simply played using the program. Various frequencies from 22kHz up to 1Hz are supported by the application (this is dependent on output capabilities of sound cards). Other program features include pink noise, saw tooth waveforms, triangular waveforms, impulse, square waves, and sine waves. Applications for the program include signaling for audio bands, acoustics equalization and testing, sound cards testing and quality control, hearing tests, harmonics generations via a number of sound frequencies, and audio principles demonstrations, among others.