NBMonitor Network Bandwidth Monitor 1.6

Nsasoft LLC. (Shareware)

NBMonitor Network Bandwidth Monitor is a program that is designed mainly to track the bandwidth usage, conduct monitoring of uploads and downloads, and determine the volume of traffic at any given moment that the connection is active. Users are given the tools to customize the settings such that filters can be put in place to capture specific traffic details.

NBMonitor Network Bandwidth Monitor by Nsasoft LLC gives users accurate, real-time data about the network usage and existing connections. One of the practical uses of this utility is the provision of the exact amount of bandwidth is used, and how much the user has downloaded or uploaded in a given period. The program is equipped with an easy-to-use intuitive interface.

There are other functions that this program is designed to perform, which makes it a relevant tool for network administrators. NBMonitor Network Bandwidth Monitor is also capable of performing Internet traffic analysis. Statistical data about the network traffic may be culled with this application, with displays of outgoing, incoming, and summary traffic data presented in real time. Moreover, it can be used to troubleshoot network problems in the hands of a proficient administrator.  This tool is also helpful in analyzing data amounts given specific network utilizing tasks and monitor usage so that bandwidth allocations are maintained within set limitations.