NBA 2K10

2K Sports (Proprietary)

The NBA 2K series is a digital basketball game with a new version released annually by 2K Sports.  Developed by Visual Concepts, gamers are transported to a virtual hardcourt to play with and against the best professional basketball players of the NBA.

Aside from the detailed graphics which allow for an engaging game play, users are also treated to a variety of features, which include:

• Signature Play - NBA 2K captures the real-life professional players’ facial expressions, reactions, and signature styles, making the game scenarios even more realistic.
• My Player Mode - Gamers can customize their own avatars, starting their basketball careers from the ground up.  They have to work hard and play hard to succeed in the competitive world of this sport.
• Crews - Gamers can band together to form their own teams using a real NBA team or one composed of the basketball players they created.  They can then compete online with other teams/ crews.
• Controls - New dribbling, post-game, and defensive controls give players a more enhanced gaming experience.  

NBA 2K also keeps basketball enthusiasts updated with the latest in NBA news through its NBA Today feature.  Streamed right into the game, NBA followers are given match-ups and statistics updates of real-life teams and players.