ATP (Proprietary)

NavigatorV is a desktop platform that can assist aircraft manufacturing and maintenance companies in organizing the aviation documents and subscriptions they have in their libraries. It allows users to search and cross-reference information and content indexes, and access electronic documents pertaining to aircraft components and operations.

One of the highlights of this application is its EZ Update feature, which automatically downloads and installs publication revisions, so users can be confident that all content is correct and up-to-date. Users can also specify their preferred update schedule, which can be weekly, daily, or on a specific day of the month. The application can also be configured to send out email notices informing users of the availability of the updated publications. Among the additional features of NavigatorV are the following:

• My Library – this window enables users to browse their digital publications quickly and easily
• Profile and Compliance Tracking – users can make a detailed profile of a product, which includes information about its components such as model and manufacturer.
• Forms and User Documents – the application contains different standard worksheets and forms that may be used to calculate weights and balances and record aircraft components. It also comes with ATP worksheets and FAA forms.
• Networking Options – networking can be done via local or wide area network (LAN/WAN). Networked users will be able to share their electronic content with one another.
• Parts List Management – the application comes with an Add Parts form that enables users to create parts request lists. List management is done in the Parts tab.