Netscape (Freeware)

Navigator is a web browser program developed by Netscape Communications Corporation. It was initially released on December 15, 1994. The browser is based on Firefox, which makes its interface similar to Firefox. It offers several features available in other common web browsers. It has a Security Center that can be used to check the status of the browser’s security protection. It will automatically inform users when there is an issue. Aside from checking the security status, this browser also offers Spyware and Adware protection that scans the browser for possible threats including downloaded files. This feature also enables users to conduct disk and memory scans.

Netscape Navigator features real-time RSS feeds, which enables users to manage and read RSS feeds without the need of a separate newsreader program. It is also capable of automatically filling out forms and remembering passwords using its Form Fill and Passcard features. Creating multiple profiles is possible as well. These profiles can be used to secure passcards and bookmarks from other users. Tabbed browsing is featured as well, which enables users to open multiple websites within a single window. Aside from tabbed browsing, Netscape Navigator also offers the MultiBar functionality that is capable of customizing up to 10 browser toolbars.

In 2007, development of Netscape Navigator has been discontinued and in 2008, all support for the browser was stopped.