Nature Studio 3.61

Nufsoft (Shareware)

Nature Studio is an application that is used to add custom and realistic animations and effects to photos. It adds animated scenes, which produce atmospheric and lifelike presentations in images. Vacation photos may be converted to living photos with the application. Created outputs may be used as a standalone executable file, a screensaver, an animated GIF file, and an AVI file.  

The application’s interface is easy to use since and produces photo animations in a small amount of time. Graphic design skills are not needed to be able to use the program. A photo may be transformed into a nature scene which is animated through the use of animated objects like fishes, butterflies, or birds, and sound, weather, and water effects. Various effects mimic the look of numerous natural phenomena. Nature scenes which the application renders very realistic include seas, lakes, and waterfalls.  Weather effects include rain and snow. A single image can also contain a total of six water effects. Sounds effects include cricket and bird sounds, and water sounds ranging from eight channels. Water presets provided are lakes, rivers, and fog, to name a few. An Auto View mode automatically presents feedback on real-time changes. The application is also called Nature Illusion Studio.