Natural Calculator 1.7.1

Natural Mathematics Lab (Freeware)

Natural Calculator is a digital calculator that can be used in solving different mathematical problems over the computer. It was created and distributed as freeware by Natural Mathematics Lab and is a simple program to use making it beneficial for students and other users belonging in varying age groups. When it comes to this application, it provides users with more than a basic computing program. It also doubles as a scientific and graphical calculator. Even if it is a comprehensive computing tool, it makes use of simple syntax formulas and code removing all of the complications that come with standard string computations. When used, it is as if the individual was doing rough computations on a piece of paper.

This particular application was initially created for students but because the Natural Calculator application can deal with complex engineering and other graphical numerical problems, it is also suitable for the use of industry professionals. The interface is quite simple, starting off with a blank page on which text or mathematical expressions can be inputted. Program users can also take advantage of the graphical view when it comes to this. Users also have the ability to program digit counts and other computational elements to suit their needs.

There are four primary computational programs that can be used with the Natural Calculator. These are as follows:
• Complex Arithmetic
• Integers
• Rational functions
• Scientific Calculations